Direct Project Support

     Do you feel stuck, have trouble with time management, need help promoting yourself, or want someone to negotiate on your behalf?  Let me be your accountabili-buddy!  Direct project support is a service I offer to help push you forward in whatever way best suits your needs.  This is part-time, on demand, virtual assistance.  This service is available on an hourly, or long-term basis.  For a long term commitment, you get my services for 5 hours a week, for as many weeks as you need in a three month block, with a minimum of 1 week per month during the period (my experience is that this is the minimum amount of time to see results in any long term project).  Due to the time commitment needed for these long term projects, availability is limited and given on a first come first serve basis.   Contact for more info HERE. 

Hourly Rate: $75

Long-term: $325/week 

  Marketing Consult

     Your book is finished and you're ready to get the ball rolling, but in what direction?  The marketing consult will give you a three month plan to follow, tailor   made for you and your book.  Don't waste time and money on endeavors that may not be a good fit.  We will start with a phone consultation to get to know you, understand the vision you have for your book, and asses your marketing needs and desires.  Each strategy will be highly individualized since each author's needs are different, but may include;    

  - Guidance on expanding your social media presence

  - What to do with yourMedia Kit

  - Specific strategies to help you build your brand

  - Which book reviews are most beneficial for you

  - Contests that best suit your book, and carry the most weight in the industry

    We will also submit every book to the Barnes and Noble buying office as part of the package. *


Note:  We highly recommend you have a complete media kit to optimize these marketing services.

   *In order to submit your book to Barnes and Noble we must have a sell sheet for your book.  Don't have one yet? Don't worry!  If we are making your media kit for you, one is included as part of the package.  If we aren't, and you aren't prepared to take on the project yourself, we would be happy to to create a sell sheet for you, as a part of your marketing consult, for an additional fee.

Consult (flat rate):  $350

Consult plus Sell Sheet (flat rate):  $515


 Content Creation

     Freelancers, entrepreneurs, and authors are some of the busiest people I know.  We are often fitting in our works of passion (building our businesses, penning novels) around nine to five jobs, family, and life's other obligations.  Sometimes it feels like there are just not enough hours in the day.  Keeping your website updated with fresh new content, blogging regularly to keep up traffic and build a following, posting on social a fast paced virtual world, these are all necessary to build your brand and stay relevant, but we don't all have as much time to devote to content creation as would be ideal.  Instead of letting your online presence fall to the wayside, let us handle it for you!  Whether you need a one time piece or updates on a regular basis, we can create original content custom made for your blog, website, or social media.  You have the vision, we can handle the rest.

                    Pricing for this service is on an hourly basis, but will be quoted individually based on the size and scope of the project.  Contact HERE