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 Jo Spring

Editing, content creation, and support for writers, self-publishers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs 

   From your first book to your 1000th blog post, your written words are ambassadors welcoming your audience.  Whether you're a full-time fiction writer, a new-age spiritual freelancer, or a mommy blogger, a great editor is an invaluable tool for ensuring your work is professional and competitive.  If you're navigating the world of self publishing, you may find yourself overwhelmed with options, and left wondering if you're getting the best help at the best value.  Or you may need a little guidance, motivation, help with content on your website, project planning, or editing. You may just want to dust off that old manuscript and get it ready for publishing. Whatever your needs, let's talk!  I'm a freelancer, so when you work with me you get a distinct advantage over working with editors at the big publishing houses; we can have a personal relationship built on trust and integrity, which I value highly.  I know that my success is intrinsically linked to yours, and as such I want to support you throughout the completion of your project, and beyond, as part of your creative team. 

   On this site, you'll find not only the services I offer, but also resources you can use to brainstorm new ideas, grow your business, or just empower yourself to meet your goals, whatever they may be.   My business and website are always evolving to best fit the needs of my clients, so make sure to visit the contacts page and sign up for email updates so I can share pertinent  information to help you along your way, and keep you apprised as I roll out new features or services.  I'm excited for the opportunity to share in your hopes and dreams as we work together to build your vision!    ~ Jo 

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